Course Offers

Course Offers

Children have the ability to copy sounds and to develop a general language awareness. Knowledge of a foreign language acquired during the early years will have a great influence on later language skills. Adults with language experience gained in their childhood can hardly be distinguished from native speakers, providing they continue with appropriate education.


MOMS AND TOTS CLASS (18months - 2,5 years)

Our Moms and Tots class provides a safe environment for toddlers as well as their parents to make their first experiences with the English language or to broaden their knowledge and skills appropriate to their age.

A smooth transition to our playgroup is possible at any time. 



Our main goal is to provide your child with a stimulating and safe environment to foster and encourage your child's individual development and joy of learning.  

Peekaboo is a 'normal' playgroup in which the child encounters the English language in a natural and relaxed manner.



The Knock Knock Preschool is for kids who have already attended our Playgroup Peekaboo and would like to expand and deepen their knowledge of the English language during their first year of kindergarten.


KIDS COURSES (4 years up)

We utilize the most sensitive phase in the childhood language learning process to introduce the children playfully and without any pressure to the English language. The children learn according to their current stage of development through games, stories, songs, crafts and so on.