Method Playgroup Peekaboo

Our main goal is to provide your child with a stimulating and safe environment to foster and encourage your child's individual development and joy of learning.

Peekaboo is a 'normal' playgroup in which the children learn the English language in a natural way and as a matter of course.


Developmental Milestones: 2-3 year olds

  • Cognition and Perception

first counting, naming things, identifying people, colors and shapes etc. etc.

  • Language

simple rhymes and songs, role play, asking questions, understanding stories and retelling stories in a simple way etc.

  • Fine Motor Skills

dexterity, simple puzzle, building, using scissors, putting on and taking of jacket and shoes etc., screwing things open and closing them, working with clay, drawing, gluing, hammering, crafts etc.

  • Gross Motor Skills

need for movement, hopping, jumping, running, going through obstacle courses etc.

  • Social and Emotional Development

starts making friends, sharing, conflict and peace experience, can voice and recognize feelings

  • Personal Development

recognition of 'I', role plays, following rules