Playgroup (2y up)

Playgroup Peekaboo


It is our goal to support and foster the children in their individual development.


To do so our Curriculum consists of a structured morning, which gives the child a sense of security, but also leaves enough room for free and creative play. 



The English Playgroup is open for all children from 2 years up, regardless of the English language ability. German speaking children as well as children with previous English knowledge attend Peekaboo.


The sessions provide a happy and relaxed atmosphere for the children in which they effortlessly learn and consolidate the English language.


To ensure optimal care and maximum exposure to the English language, there are 1 young learners teacher as well as 1 assistant present at all times.  

Activities include:

  • Singing and dancing
  • Themed crafts
  • Free creativity: painting, drawing, cutting, gluing. Working and experimenting with different materials.
  • Story time
  • Modeling with play dough and other materials
  • Snack time
  • Free play